Design and Plan Your Successful Website

To create a good or great website, there needs to be enough planning. Building a website is similar to building a house. The blueprints need to be made and that involves us collaborating with you on your project. The process we use takes care of this to ensure you get the best website possible and have it done on time and within your budget.

Our Web Design Project Process

Our website design process includes several steps:

  • Consultation
  • Project Proposal/Service Agreement
  • Design/Project Interview
  • Design Production and Revisions
  • Programming Production
  • Staging Website Set Up
  • Proofing/Revisions
  • Website Launch
  • Post-Launch Follow Up


This involves us meeting with you to find out your needs, requirements and website goals. We also do some brainstorming with you to find good ways to accomplish your goals. Very often, we find ourselves doing business and marketing consultiing with our clients since the website is a pivotal piece in that equation.

Project Proposal/Service Agreement

We consult internally with our team and then present you with a Project Proposal which outlines the complete project. This is essentially the blueprints for your project. We then make revisions until it’s finalized as a Service Agreement. Once that is signed and the project deposit is received, we begin your project.

Design/Project Interview

At this point, we meet with you and work out specific design parameters for your project. This includes a list of elements for the home page like images, colors, navigation and general layout.

We then set up your project in our online, project managment system which streamlines communication and the gathering of assets and content.

Design Production and Revisions

The design team now gets to work and creates wireframes for your custom design website project. We give you a variety of wireframes to choose from. A wireframe simply shows layout. It shows what the home page will contain and where each item will go.

Once you select a wireframe, we do another step where we work on it some more and go into more detail.

Once the detailed wireframe design is approved, we add color and design to it and produce a custom website design. From there, the BigFoot Technorati Design Team makes changes and revisions until a final design is reached. We do not charge extra for more design work and keep working until you’re absolutely happy with the final design.

The inside page design is then created and is based on the final home page design. It is then adjusted and then approved before we go into HTML and CSS coding.

And don’t worry, along the way, we show you how your responsive website design is going to look on various screen sizes/resolutions!

Programming Production / Staging Website Set Up

Next, the design is coded and the programming team gets involved, setting everything up. We do content layout as well as add images and just generally get things set up for you. You then see our work on a staging website and allow you to give feedback and even start making changes yourself (if you wish) before the website goes live.

Proofing/Revisions and QA/Testing

We continue to work with you and the Quality Assurance (Testing) Team gets to work trying to break the website. They check for errors and work to make sure the website loads quickly and renders correctly in the latest web browsers.

Website Launch

After your approval, we schedule the launch and your website is moved to the production server where it is made live. We do another round of testing once it launches.

Post-Launch Follow Up

It’s not over until after it’s over. After the website launches, we follow up to make sure you have everything you need. We also do training with you and your staff.

Your Website Design Project

You’ll end up with a website that looks great and works great with the right kind of navigation, site maps and all those technical bits and pieces. Our goal is to get you a website that meets and exceeds your expectations so that you’re another happy BigFoot Technorati client.

Along the way, we do our best to keep communicating with you and keep the project moving with set deadlines and milestones. We give you tips on how to make the design process go smoothly along with our expertise and knowledge.

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